Parts Locator including Mechanical Footprint for iPhone

We have purchased a set of stencils featuring the iphone parts. These stencils feature the mechanical features of the part. These parts are labeled in Mandarin and while some can be identified as to what the name of the part is , most cannot. Is there a source for the various iPhone models where the location of the component is indicated as well as what the mechanical footprint looks like and what the part is commonly known as (or even the reference designator). In PCB assembly language we are looking for the silk screen layer GERBER including a reference to the name of the component. The purpose for this is to build stencils for the component replacement community.

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You are looking for the board layouts with reference designators?


Yes that is what I am looking for.


Yes, those are available. They are really all over the internet. Send me an email, my address is in my user profile and give me more specifics of what model you are looking for.


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