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Repair guides for Android cell phones manufactured by LG.

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LG Volt LS740 LCD and Digitizer replacement, help me find a guide?

I can't find any decent guides on how to do this. I found a small series of videos of someone doing it on YouTube, but there is no detailed description.

As far as I can tell, you need to remove the battery and sd cards, unscrew the casing, carefully remove the ribbons on the mb, remove mb, flip over and hair dryer the adhesive holding the glass and use a prying tool to remove gently then...I'm stuck. How do you remove the lcd? A detailed guide would be super handy.

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zephyrflames, that is where it gets tricky. The LCD is glued to the frame as well. You will need something to heat it up (not greater than 80degC) than remove the LCD from the frame. My suggestion is to purchase a complete assembly. Something like this would work and it is an almost guaranteed success. This way you do not have to worry about breaking the LCD or the digitizer.

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