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Dell 19" LCD Monitor, Charcoal-Gray in color, released in 2004.

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screen goes black after 1 second


My Dell E193FP Monitor goes black after about 1 second after I switch it on. This applies for when I use the "on" button, plug it into the PC, change screen resolution in display settings, etc. It always just shows a picture for 1 second and then goes completely black. The picture I see for 1 second is good and there seems to be no damages in the picture.

Now I'm thinking, if I can get a picture for 1 second, can the screen be repaired?



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Christian, that is a common issue with bad capacitors on the power board. You can either replace those or replace the power/inverter board. Cost for that is now around $30USD

Whoa, just realized how old this question was. Anyhow leaving the answer for completion sake.

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Some monitors will not show anything at certain resolutions, so use a better monitor to set the resolution form the computer software and if that does not work then you may have to get another or repair the the one you have

now you will have to weigh the pros and cons about repairing...

pro---repair will be cheaper

con-- it has been repaired--don't know how good the repair will be, don't know if other things are going bad with the monitor- don't know how expensive it will be......

if the repair is less than $ 40.00 you may want to do it or buy a used monitor for the same price or a little more.

or you take the that money and put a little more and buy a brand new monitor

here in NY you can get a brand new monitor for around $135.00

hope this helps


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Prueba remplazando alguna lampara, segur alguna esta dañada.

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