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The 2014 version of the Galaxy Note 10.1", running a Exynos 5 processor and 3 Gb of ram. Released October 2013.

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Very hot! Short battery life

Hello, I've been trying fix this problem for a while, even sent the tablet back to Samsung, all they did was send me a new power cord. My tablet gets very hot during use and kills off the battery quickly. I'll let it rest for a few minutes and turn it back on. It is fine til it heats up again. It IS alway hot in a particular area I have included a photo of where. Looking

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at the screen it the top center right. I opened up the back to see what part it is. It is under a price of metal so I'm not quite sure. Can you tell me what part this is and how I can replace it or repair it. . Any help would be great. Thanks

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Thank you two very much. I may not be brave enough to pull out my solder iron, but I will be about to figure out what component is bad.

I wish one of you two work at Samsung. When I sent in the table to be fixed under warranty they send me a new power cord and told me that should fix my problem. Ha!

I'll report back.


ok its is definitely the u403 form the diagram. Exyn os Greeen Memory is what is printed on it. Where could I purchase a replacement. I did a quick search for it but found nothing.



Part number for the U403 is 0902-003035 and that is strictly a Samsung number.


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Tony Macaluso there is more than just one part under there. You have your WiFi IC (U217), your Microprocessor (U403), power management IC (U500) as well as a few other components under that shield. I suggest you remove it and take a look at which part gets hot. Anything else will be a guessing game. Even if you do determine which part needs to be replaced, be aware that you are still looking at SMC components and BGA IC's, so for that you will have to have special tools and skills to replace them.

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Part number for the U403 is 0902-003035 and that is strictly a Samsung number.



The same problem for me!

The U207 ic very hot! Unfortunately, the device does not turn on!

I soldered off the IC U217 and the device is turn on! It works out! :)


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Hot = short circuit.

Under that shield will be a bunch of SMD components. One of them is short. Those shields can be desoldered to show the component underneath. If you can figure out which component is short--using your lips to find the heat quickly for example, then you may be able to replace it if you are experienced with soldering on motherboards.

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