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An android smartphone released by BLU Products in December 2013.

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BLU STUDIO 5.0 II Not receiving some text and no pictures.

I can't receive some text and any pictures that is sent to me.Can anyone tell me what I need to do. It tells me to download I press and get nothing.

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Usually, when there is no more storage left, you cannot take pictures anymore and cannot download/receive messages since there is no place available to store them on your phone.

Check the storage both on your internal storage (this phone usually has 4GB of storage, easily filled up) and your Micro SD card if available. You may need to remove data such as pictures, videos (those take a lot of space), voice memo, chat (such as WhatsApp) conversations, etc. to make place for new data.

You may need to install an SD card or upgrade to a bigger one. This model can take an SD card up to 32GB.

And there is a chance your storage memory is corrupted. If the above does not solve your problem, you will need to wipe/reset your memory cache.

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My aunt had this problem and it was because of the sun card what she did to fix it was she went to her phone carrier (Verizon,T-Mobile,etc)and they fixed it there

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If picture messages are not downloading, it might be that there is not available storage in the device in order to download the picture. In order to fix this problem, clear some storage space or expand the memory. If the storage is not the problem, then the SIM card might be damaged and will have to be replaced by a new one. Visit the Troubleshooting page and replacement guides for additional support.

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Okay…but….what about the reverse? i cannot SEND pictures. it tells me to tap to resend (through chat) and takes a day and a half to resolve back to Tap-to resend.

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Using Textra on Blu G9Pro. Don't receive texts but can send.. take sim card out of Blu and put in LG and receive all the texts. Put sim card back in Blu and now receive texts. Any idea why?


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