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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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iPhone 6 plus screen replacement?

Hello everyone,

i am looking trough some websites where I usually buy iphone replacement parts, but the problem is that no one has the LCD replacement for the IPHONE 6 PLUS. Even Ifixit has not it in stock.

Can anyone suggest me a website where to buy the part? Or does someone have informations about this shortage of iphone 6 plus screens???

thanks :_)

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Apple offers cheap replacements themselves, so nobody sell aftermarket screens.

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yeah what's the point? You can find every kind of screen model even if apple is replacing it without big costs.


Why would anyone go thru all the trouble to order unreliable after market screens that cost more than official repairs? That's a stupid deal for both buyers and sellers.


Why would anyone get their screen replaced at Apple for $150.00 when you can buy one for .99 cents and do it yourself? Apperently, some people don't realize not all of us are rich.


@mblodgett11 show me one LCD for .99 cents. Apparently, some people do not know what they are talking about.


I agree, pop into an apple store and pay $130 or so dollars.


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