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The G&G Combat Machine 16 Carbine is a full metal and upgradeable airsoft automatic electric gun (AEG) modeled after the M4 Carbine.

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Motor straining while firing

I have this exact rifle. It has the blow back feel to it as well.

Lately while trying to fire it, it sounds as if the motor is straining, it fires intermittently and freezes. The batteries are fine and i have occasionally put a drop of silicone lube on a few BB's.

Before i use the guide to take it apart, i would like to know if there is anything specific i need to be aware of or if there are any known issues with the rifle which could be causing this.

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The first thing I would do is paint it bright orange all over.

Next try replacing the battery:

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I have three batteries. All fully charged.

It doesnt make a difference. I am going to replace the motor with a high torque one and replace the appropriate internals to accept a M140 spring.


I said that because a combat vet might see this and fire before noticing the orange tip. I did not see the tip at first and this toy could get you killed in a hurry.


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