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Repair information and guides for the Apple iPhone 5s that was announced on September 10, 2013. Model: A1533, A1453, A1457, A1528, A1530, A1518

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Micro Soldering needed on component near battery connector. (Picture )

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Hi there,

I have an iPhone 5S that's missing a micro component near the battery connector.

It is in the purple circle in the image attached.

The phone will not boot now, it gets to apple logo and then after a while flashes blue and restarts (and so on in this loop)

I'm thinking it must be this little component as I have changed out just about every part other than the motherboard itself, and i've gone over it with my microscope and this is the only thing missing.

so my questions are:

1) can anyone identify this part for me? is it a resistor or a capacitor or what?

2) once identified, can it be ordered anywhere?

3) if it can't be got, is there somewhere that can fix it for me ?


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My 5s i bought (hoping to fix it), got the same component missing.

It is in an endless bootloop, turns on then apple logo for a minute and reboots again.

When trying to restore it gives error 9.

Did you get yours fixed Smithbyrne?


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You can order it, but installing it is tricky. If it's your first time attempting to micro-solder and/or don't have the needed tools and/or don't want to risk ruining anything on your phone, I say have someone experienced get it and install it for you.

1/ Capacitor, 56PF 5% 16V NP0-C0G, 01005 package.


3/ Look up jessabethany if you're in or near the US. Let me know if you're somewhere else.

Good luck!

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thanks for the reply, i'm in the republic of Ireland, you know any companies that do the repair here? thanks.

by the way, how'd you findout the name of the part? can you link me to a chart or something ?

I own a repair place but we don't quite do micro-soldering, but it's always good to know which components are which



Try jessabethany, you can mail her the item. I'm in the Middle East. There are people in the UK who do it, can't tell you who, don't know.

As for the parts' name, Google it.


what i meant was,

how did you find out the name of that capacitor ? what did you search for ?

i'm searching for iphone 5s circuit diagrams and having no success



They are out there. Some of them are a bit hard to find and require some patients and the right search string on your favorite search engine. Apple is a bit stringent and those are of course copyrighted therefore they are not openly shared:-)


Rany help!!!?!, do you happen to know the component next to the purple circle , my iPhone 5s is missing it, I must of knock it off as I was replacing my battery. And now it won't turn on :(


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Here's one i found for the iphone 5, i think there are 5s ones out there. I can tell you I am experiencing the same problem you are, that i also microscoped it and just today my DIGIKEY caps and IF11 inductor arrived. If a spec of dust had a house....and if that house was a dusty one....the spec of dust's dust would be about the size of one of these things.

I wonder if my fat thumb-tipped solder iron will work with these....prolly....cuz i got it at Radio Shock...(a cool store Radio Shack is based on).

I'm sure it'll be fine.

Or my hand will set aflame....kinda hurts but my cat Richard gets a kick outta of it.

Block Image

P.S. Here's a shot of my stuff -- btw, since this is a month old, did you ever get it fixed?

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Ryan, you don't sound super confident here, and it is a heck of a lot easier with the right tools. You can always send it in if you can't get it. Good luck!



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If you are looking to find someone close to you, you can search your location at Those guys are all trusted worldwide for board level repair

I realise this post is a little old, but throwing it out there for future reference :)

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@microsoldering please place your contact information in your profile. Then refer to it from your answers. Placing your information right into the answers is still considered spamming:-)


spamming... no 1 likes a spammer


will do, and have done :) For informations sake though, boardrepairinfo is hosted by me, but its a service for locating a board level tech worldwide, so there's a few of us on it. The people listed there are considered some of the best, and haven't paid to be there, so my posting the link was mostly informative and selfless (not that you were suggesting otherwise) :)

Will keep in mind for future though. Cheers!


For info, there are good, better, best. This guy ˆhere @microsoldering is the best. I'd take his advice over almost everyone else I know in this business.


:) @rany is up there with the best (and yes, he is on that website too), but I don't think I'm the best :P Just here to help. Thanks for the kind words though


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