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The Kindle Fire HD 6 (model number PW98VM) is a six-inch economy tablet featuring two cameras, a speaker, and Amazon's Fire OS.

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How can I get my camera to take better photos?

Whenever I take photos with my Kindle Fire, most of the image appears blurry. It's especially blurry in the top-right corner of the image. I don't think I dropped my Kindle or immersed it in any liquids. (Plus, it's still working.) Is there some setting I can change to remove blur? What should I do?

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It's just like this 4 some reason??YY?


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On the face of it, it sounds like your camera lens is damaged. The damage could have been a nonconformity in production. If you had to open up your device to, say, remove your screen, you might have scratched it in the process. If it's under warranty, see if Amazon will send you a new one. Otherwise, see our troubleshooting guide for instructions on how to repair it yourself.

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Thanks for your help!


my kindle have been like this from the start though! ever since i got it?


It is blur from starting


Kindles just have horrible camera quality. Mine is like that. I have just gotten mine (the new HD8) and it has a 2 Megapixel camera, which is used in cheap security cameras. I guess it is because Kindles are more intended for reading and not taking photos :(


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