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Model A1271 / 2 or 4 GB capacity

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earpods to fit iPod shuffle 3g

my iPod shuffle ear-pods got broken and apple want £25 to replace them. I have tried different ear pods but although you can hear through them you cannot adjust the volume. Are there any cheaper ear pods that are compatible with the shuffle 3g?

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Can you use iphone earpods instead?


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You can get a small adapter with volume controls to use with any headset you like. This is particularly awesome if, like me, your ears were seemingly not designed with Apple products in mind (I can't get the earpods to stay in for more than a few seconds at a time).

Some sites also allow you to search headphones by feature set, including volume controls. Check the specs/reviews to make sure they'll work with your particular device.

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Thanks Jeff Adapter arrived yesterday and is fantastic I can now turn my volume up and down on my shuffle 3g


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