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Monitor no signal after start up


So just today, I have this problem where my monitors does not display anything after start up. I would turn on the CPU and everything runs fine (fans, power supply, etc) but my monitors stay undetected as if my computer was never turned on.

I did some research and, so far, I've tried:

-removing all or some of my RAM and switching them through diferrent slots.

-removing and reinserting my PCI and my graphics card

-resetting CMOS through the jumper switch and battery

-unplugging everything from the Power Supply and replugging.

-pressing the CPU on/off button for an extended amount of time.

So far nothing has worked and I'm completely stumped. Everything was working fine until my computer randomly crashed darker today and then froze in start up to now not displaying anything. Any help would be highly appreciated and thanks beforehand.

My specs are-

-8 GB ddr2 ram

-quad core Intel

-nvidia gt640

-corsair tx650 power supply

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Have you tried the monitor on a different computer?


i unplugeed and plugged the vga cable from both ends and then plugged them back in and it worked


Okay, so I was cleaning out my pc as per usual, so I unplugged all the cords into my motherboard, took out the motherboard, ram, gpu, heat sink, and the cpu. After reassembling my computer I have had problems. After troubleshooting, I turn on my computer and all the lights and fans turn on, but no display on the monitor, the caps lock doesn’t glow when I click it. I tried different ram, and a different gpu but the problem still persists, help please. I feel like it’s my CPU because I will leave it on to test temperature and the heat sink isn’t warm at all.

My specs:

MSI R9 390 gpu

8 gb DDR3 ram

A88XI AC V2 Motherboard

Amd - A10 7850k

120 gb Samsung ssd


I've the same issues with my pc too.

Pc specs are as follows :

Ryzen 2700x, msi b450 gaming plus, gtx 1060 6gb, 8gb x 2 ddr4 ram, 650w psu.

All i've done is switched on gaming boost and A-XMP in my bios settings and got a blank screen showing no signal. I've tried everything mentioned in that question but haven't succeeded. Help me please.


I too have same problem but today morning i just pressed f8 and started startup repair and my computer restarted and says no signal

My specs are-

2 gb ram

150 gb hdd

Asus geforce 210 graphix card

Dual quad core processor


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Are you getting post beeps on startup ? If not you may be dealing with a power issue . Just because your fans are running and your motherboard light comes on doesn't mean you have enough power in the power supply to run the machine .Power supplies can die slowly and still appear ok .If you have access to another power supply try changing it out . You may also want to try a different monitor or test your old monitor on another computer. depending on your motherboard you could try resetting the mem button common on Asus boards. Also you mentioned you've disconnected the power and that you've held down the power button for extended periods . Did you do this together? if not try unplugging from power and holding the power button down for roughly 60sec then plugging in and rebooting. Finally as dumb as this is going to sound but it happens to the best of us... is your monitor turned on and plugged in? Just sayin Hope something here helps and good luck

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It could be your PSU. My monitor would intermittently show the desktop but then go black with the words "NO SIGNAL" and a few seconds later the monitor followed by going to sleep/powered down. Sometimes rebooting cleared it up but when my furnace went dead a few days ago the house temperature dropped from 70 to 37 degrees. At that temp the monitor never came on. I switched out the monitor with another and had the same results. Thinking that temperature was a factor I ran a hair dryer on high for a minute, blasting the hot air on the PSU and suddenly the picture on the monitor came on. The picture stayed on for about 5-10 minutes then went black as the power supply cooled. I warmed it again and the picture resumed. At that point I felt very confident it was the PSU so I installed a new one and the monitor and computer are both working like brand new.


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I get the some problem and tried all this metods, but don't work.

I talk with my techers and they tell me to remove the PCI graphic card, clean the contacts, with an ruber and a brush (with soft bristles), and put that again, and now are working normally.

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If your motherboard has an onboard graphics card you might want to try unplugging your PCI-E graphics card and plugging a monitor into the onboard graphics card. This will verify whether or not it is your PCI-E graphics card that is faulty or not.

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Had the same problem and it ended up being a bad memory stick. Try removing the memory and see if you get the error beeps. If so then try one stick at a time and see if that solves the problem.

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