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The economical version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, released in July 2013.

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My LCD is broken. hellllpppppp. read description.

The LCD won't show light. Did it burn out?

I got a phone and it turns on and the home and search buttons still light up. Even the blue ligh/the red light in the corner turns on. I can change the volume, turn the phone on and off, and I've tried everything. Charging it doesn't fix it, checking the battery does nothing, and even just going nuts and clicking random buttons doesn't work! So I'm pretty sure the LCD is broken. Problem is, I do not know where I can find one for a Samsung Galaxy s4 mini. Can you please request any online stores I can get one that is super cheap? Because I have a low budget.... I really need this by march 13th of 2015. Thank you.

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honeylips57, there is really not anything that is super cheap. Average price is around $120USD at places like this and on here.

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