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This is a cell phone made by Samsung and released on 8/22/12

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My phone is not charging

I plugged my phone in the charger overnight at my friends house and after I woke up in the morning my phone was still not charged. I was using my friends charger because mine was at home. What should i do?

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Let's rule out having to repair the phone itself before we have to. Are you using your friends charger? Sometimes cellular device don't react kindly with chargers that were not factory made specifically for it. Perhaps try plugging it into another wall. Is your phone turning on at all? If it looks like the phone is indeed responding to responses but the screen isn't on, try taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy Rush Troubleshooting Page. If all else fails you might actually have to order a new battery which is actually a painless process to fix on this phone.

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Hey im havin a problem to and it not workin my charger and it worked before but i went out with my mum i put it on charge. Before i went out then i got it it didnt turn on or show full battery. My phne is Samsung. Galaxy s3 mini.

what the solution.,

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hi, my galaxy s3 won't charge and not power on, I tried to use difference charger and battery but still not come up.

Could you help me to find a solution? please


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