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Daisy Model 10 Carbine 400 shot BB repeating air rifle. Maximum velocity: 350 FPS. Maximum shooting distance: 195 yards. Lever cocking action. .177 cal. BBs. Part No. 300664-000

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Why is my trigger not firing?

My trigger is loose and will not fire when I squeeze it.

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If your BB gun is not firing it can mean one or a combination of five things: 1) Too many BB's in the loaded in the gun 2) Safety still might be on (easy fix simply push the little black button above the trigger until you see a red line on the pushed out portion of the button, then safety is off) 3) The BB's you are using could be damaged or dirty thus causing blockage at the firing chamber 4) BB's are not aligned in firing mechanism 5) Broken Trigger Most of these things can fixed easily while others especially a broken firing trigger might take a little more work to deal with. Refer below to the troubleshooting and repair guide to help walk you through correcting this issue

Daisy Model 10 Carbine Troubleshooting

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