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Can you not stop multiple posts

Hello admins is there a way you can stop this retard from writing up multiple posts and spamming this forum.

I think you'll agree it's going on long enough...

It should be set that you can only write two questions within an hour and any more than that you have til wait til the hour is up then this would stop the spamming is this possable?

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Lol it's gotten worse this past weeks

Is there no way to stop them?


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Omg admin sort this out

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Sorry, I just got up. Cleaned up with prejudice!


It is coming under control....con, mark the spam as spam under action so we do not have to go through each question. It will make it quicker to delete the spam. Somebody wake iRobot up please:-))


I'm working on it.


Seems to have slowed down. wow, that was fun:-)) I like the wack-o-spam


Kyle the 'Spam Terminator' did a great job ;-} Wow! it was just unbelievable this morning.


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