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Late 2011 model, A1278 / 2.4 GHz i5 or 2.8 GHz i7 processor.

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Trackpad erratic and jumping around

Suddenly the mouse of my Macbook Pro started to jump around. The mouse is clicking a lot of stuff out of itself. I tried the following:

- To make sure it is no virus I plugged in a usb mouse which switches of the trackpad.

- According to a lot of forums I had to reset the PRAM/NVRAM, like explained here:

- I removed the battery to see if it was swollen. I also tested the mbp without the battery in the body to make sure it was not the battery who caused the problem.

- I removed the trackpad and cleaned it with alcohol.

Nothing helped! What is the next step? The strange thing is that after a PRAM reset the mouse will act normal for about 30 minutes. Then the problem starts acting up again.

Any ideas?

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If you determine that the battery is swollen, the easiest fix is to deactivate the built-in track pad/mouse and rely on the bluetooth or wireless mouse instead. Go to system preferences, accessibility, pointer control then check the box "Ignore built in trackpad when wireless track pad or mouse is present"


i had the same problem and after using my mouse instead after deactivating the trackpad when mouse was in use, it eventually started working normally with just the trackpad. don't know why. thinking possibly some moisture got into the trackpad and eventually dried out on its own.


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Sounds like your battery has swollen causing it to press against the trackpad from underneath.

You should bring your system into an AppleStore ASAP as there was a recall on the battery and stop using your system and don't charge the battery as it could make things worse!

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Would you give a link to that recall?


Excellent findings! For the last few days I was pulling my hair out with this issue. Then I noticed when closing that the screen didn't quite close all the way down. A curvature of the keyboard and trackpad was evident. Soon off to Apple this goes for a battery replacement, although there is only 432 charge cycles on it - this MBPro is from early 2014, and is on power most of the time. Many thanks for this tip! // Terry


Y'ALL!!! THANK GOD I FOUND THIS THREAD!!! My MBPro's trackpad was also erratic and couldn't figure out what was causing it, not only that, when I connect my iphone 7+ to my MBPro the touch screen was also erratic - touching different apps, switching to different apps, zooming in and out, etc even when I connect my iphone headphones the volume buttons were also acting up, if i'd press volume up one time it would volume up all the way or volume down all the way. As soon as I saw y'all mentioning generic charger, I immediately removed my charger and BOOM SHAKALAKA! this trackpad be running smooth again!!


@Barbs Murio

Barbs did you find a solution or are you just runing without charger? Replaced the battery etc.? Regards


Removed generic MS charger while reading this, lo and behold - immediate trackpad responsiveness | MBP 2012


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I was / am having the same problem.

I tried removing the power chord (since I am using a generic one).

I also read somewhere (pinterest, i am not kidding) that repairing file permissions did the trick so I also tried that.

Not sure if what I did helped or not, now i am back on the generic charger and the erratic behaviour seems to be gone.

So maybe fixing permissions and/or not using a generic power charger could help.

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interesting resolution.


Sadly, no. The wrong cleaner could damage the trackpad or a spilled drink. In all cases its still the same answer time for a new trackpad.


The generic charger is what's causing the problem to my friends 15" late 2011 MBP. I tried swapping my original Apple charger and the erratic trackpad behaviour was gone.


Generic chargers can definitely cause erratic trackpad behavior.


Yes! My (2016 MBP 15") started having erratic trackpad issues (cursor skipping left and right, scrolling sometimes too fast and sometimes 'sticking') a few days ago, and I went through resetting NVRAM etc, but what seems to have actually been causing it was interference(?) from a cheapo replacement (non-Apple) charger I got off eBay... the issue seems to have gone away when I unplugged it.


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I found that if I shut my macbook pro down and wait about 5 minutes or more before restarting it, the erratic touchpad problem goes away for a while. If I shut it down and take the back off of it and let it air out for a while before replacing the back, it is good for several days. I have no idea why this seems to help, but it does. It's like black magic. I sometimes think that it is a heating problem, but it happens some times when the computer feels quite cool. Right now I am running without the battery charger plugged in. I have been using a "generic" charger, so that could be the problem too. I will be looking at that more closely in the future. I'll let you know what I find out. 30 June 2023 by J Paul

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@jpaulk - An old battery tend to heat up more when under charge! Install this app to check your battery CoconutBattery check the cycle count higher than 800 it’s time for a new battery. And yes! Knockoff chargers can damage your system and the battery!


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