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The LG VX5200 is a CDMA flip phone with an external antenna, 32 MB of onboard memory, and a 1000 mAh Li-ion battery.

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Will I erase my text messages if I replace the battery

The piece on the logic board that attaches to the charger is broken, and I desparately want to turn on my phone to access my old text messages. If I just replace the battery will I be able to access these texts? Does a new battery come charged?

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Trevor, no it will not.

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Thanks. Is there a way to just transfer my phone's memory to another VX5200 that works? Or would it be smarter to replace this one piece? Or should I just replace the whole logic board?




Trevor, ""Is there a way to just transfer my phone's memory " only if you know how to reball a BGA IC. I suggest you get a charged working, start your phone and transfer your files to another device (computer) than you can either resolder a charging port or replace the board. This will depend on your skills and $$$


Thank you. I have no soldering skills, and dont know how to reball a BGA IC. What do you recommend? I just want to read my old texts, see pictures, and listen to voicemail messages. -Trevor


Im having a simular issue but with a note 4 antenna port. So I replaced the charge port, the glass back (which cracked when being opened), and the charging port but in the process of putting everything back together again for the 3 time. I broke the antenna cable port when snapping off of the motherboard logic board. The antenna cables are fine but the port that the cables snap on to are broken. Does anyone know how to fix it or if I replace the whole part, will I still have my text messages and stuff?


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