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De Commodore 64 werd uitgebracht in augustus 1982 en was een groot succes. In maart 1987 werd de Commodore 64C uitgebracht.

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What differences are there between the C64 and C64 Personal Computer?

I have a "Commodore 64" with a 5 pin video connector, (serial # begins with P0) and a "Commodore 64 Personal Computer" with an 8 pin video connector (Serial # begins with CA). I have both a Commodore 1701 and a 1702 monitor, yet I cannot get the one marked "Personal Computer" to display properly. (The screen appears jumbled) The plain 64 displays on both units, although the color is not always there.

Do I have a bad "Personal Computer" or could there be other reasons why this unit will not display correctly?

IN addition, just what is the difference between these 2 different models? I don't seem to be able to find anything that relates to it.


Bill Machacek

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Bill Machacek, check your boards. There is a Commodore 64c rev.A and rev.B. The 64c boards have the following texts: PCB ASSY NO. 250469 and PCB NO. 252311 REV.A (or B on newer boards). The difference between the two revisions is in the Gate Array chip: The one in rev.B includes COLOR RAM. The first C-64 models still had a five pin jack, like in the VIC-20. Shortly after that an eight pin jack was built in, providing the additional chrominance signal. Great information from here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I just checked my MBs. I have a 1982 board Assy 326298, Rev A and a 1984 board, Assy 250425. Neither of these boards match the numbers of what you said to look for. Although the 250425 board is close to the 250469 board you mentioned. I will check out the c64 website you mentioned. Thanks for the info.



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I believe the one labeled “Commodore 64 Personal Computer” is the Commodore 64C, which was a redesign of the original C64 using the style of the C128. There were minor differences, but the intention was 100% compatibility with original software.

The C64C (aka C64-II) was the first C64 which didn't have a breadbox cabinet.

The (almost) white color complied with the color of the C128(D) and also the cabinet was similar to the C128 (apart from the missing numeric pad).

  • In the year 1986 the C64B and C64B3 boards were assembled to the C64C (C64-II). The graphic symbols of the keyboard are printed on the front of the keys.
  • From 1987 on only the smaller C64E board was assembled. The graphic symbols are printed on the top of the keys. So it was possible to identify which board was assembled without the need to open the cabinet.

The sound chip (SID) now had the naming MOS 8580. A sound difference between the 6581 and the 8580 is audible.

The C64E board was significantly higher integrated.

  • The RAM memory now resides in 2 instead of 8 RAM chips.
  • The two 8k byte sized ROM chips for BASIC and kernal have been joined on one 16k byte sized ROM chip (251913-01).
  • The PLA chip and some TTL chips have been integrated into a 64 pin chip (251715-01 or 252535-01). The "252535-01" contains the color RAM as well.

Through this the production costs could be reduced and so the C64C could be offered for a lower price than the original C64 "Breadbox".


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Compare your serial numbers to this registry:


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The reason for the incompatibility is that. Well the eight

Pin version separated the Color and brightness signals

Which funnily enough Is coincidentally is pretty much the same as the S-Video standard albeit using RCA connectors.

The Five pin version is rarer as only the earliest model Commodore 64 "Bread bins" have five pins.

(not entirely sure why Commodore changed the number of pins though)

I'd suggest checking out The "8 bit guy"s Commodore history part three on YouTube for a more complete explanation.

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