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The HTC Droid DNA is an Android-based, 4G LTE-capable smartphone designed and developed by HTC.

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Wont power on or show signs of charging.

I went in to complete a screen replacement and the proximity sensor wasnt working and when i put it back together after clearing up the proximity sensor the device will not turn on;.

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my phone went off, but it was reading that it was in host mode before it went completely.

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libbyperry27, trying to figure out what you are asking.....


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Hey guys,

So alex not much to say, I would say you first hold the power button for a while 20 seconds for example, make sure the battery is properly plugged, take the battery out wait some seconds and put it back again, and insert charger on, if this fails then you will have to open your device again :/. Try holding as well power and volume up, for a while, looks to me either is a battery problem, or a bad connection inside.

If you open make sure every single connection is properly connected, and make a clean of every connector specially the power ones use a 99% alcohol, and a soft tooth brush and some cotton buds, you would be surprised how the fat of our fingers can block connections, your next door pharmacist will probably have it (I live in Germany and its pretty fun, every time I go to buy I have to convince them for 30m. That is for electrical purposes and not for partying). if you follow those above procedures, I would say you have good good chances that your phone is back to life including the sensors

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