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The Compaq Mini 110 is smaller than a traditional laptop making it very portable. It's great for doing work on the go and it's easy to sync with your main computer making the Compaq Mini a great companion.

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Compaq Mini CQ60-600 Help

I have a Compaq Mini CQ60-600 and it was given to me about two years ago from a school program where i take a class and completed it that I could keep the l laptop. I never took the class and the laptop is still here but I can't do anything on it because of the family safety system. there is an tutor login but I can get in because I don't have the password is there a way to like master rest the computer or something. the program that gave the computers no long exist help me please I want to use my laptop.

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Andre Jones, Dennis is right and you will have to reinstall the operating system. I suggest that you check this page for instructions. You will of course need a copy of Windows XP. Hope this helps, good luck.

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since i don't know the software, and if there might be a way to work around it, i would suggest to reinstall the operating system.

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how do I do that and like I can't access google online because of the family safety. it keeps saying something about password to the tutor account. the admin account my account is the student account and can't access anything


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You can download Olphcrack and try and crack the password, or Hiren and reset it. Both are live Linux enviroments so you can manipulate the hash tables in Windows.

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