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How to replace battery

i bought a 'broken' ipod nano 7th gen and found that the previous owner had disconnected the battery ribbon cable from the logic board. can it be soldered back on? how?

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Thanks for the info and guide. So since the battery, button cable, Lightning connector, and headphone jack all come soldered to the logic board it seems the only repair for any of these is to replace all of them as one unit.



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mark, replacing the battery should resolve it. The ribbon cable can not be soldered. Check this teardown. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Doesn't really answer the quest. Seems that the answer is "why tear it down if you can't replace the battery?"


@essin if you look through the teardown, it'll show that you actually can replace the battery. The answer was in reference to the ribbon cable which was assumed to have been of between the battery and the logic board. AS if torn. The battery flex connector is actually soldered and will require desolder and re-soldering for replacement. Of all the Nano's this was probably the easiest. Sorry about the confusion this may have created.


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@essin, This, of course is a nine year old post, so forgive them if they're not up to date.

Battery replacement on many Nano models requires soldering, including this one. iFixit seems to avoid repair guides for devices that require soldering, as it is apparently considered a more advanced skillset than the average person possesses. I don't disagree entirely, but there are a host of repair guides like this one that aren't being made because of that restriction.

None of the repair sites like this that I'm aware of have guides for Nano batteries, probably for the same reason. There are, however a host of YouTube videos out there that do a pretty good job of stepping you through the repair. Here's one that looked pretty reasonable to me.

iPod Nano 7 Gen. Battery replacement - YouTube

The batteries themselves are readily available; a quick internet search turned up dozens on sites like Amazon, eBay and AliExpress among others.

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Thank you. .


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