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iPhone 4s battery doesn't fit iPhone 4s

I have an iphone 4s logic board and i am trying to test to see if it works, so I bought an iphone 4s battery and the connector doesn't fit. It is OEm and I have tried other peoples battery right out of their phone. Nothing works. The iPhone 4 battery fits but doesn;t power. I know I don't have an iphone 4 because the power button connector and those connectors are on the left side of the board, not the top like the 4. What's going on with my iPhone board?

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If in doubt, the best to do is to post an image of your phones logic board and connector with your question. Here is how you do that Adding images to an existing question


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Lucas Darder, "iPhone 4 battery fits but doesn;t power" is a pretty good indication that you do not have a 4S. The batteries are not compatible and will not interchange. APN 616-0580 is the 4S and 616-0513 is the iPhone 4. Hope this helps, good luck.

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You have an iPhone 4, CDMA version--aka Verizon version.

You'll notice that your logic board also does not have a SIM card tray.


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Can you post a picture of your phone and the battery that you are trying to connect? How many screw holes does the new battery have? 4s batteries have two, regular 4 has one.

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