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The iHome iH5 is a plug-in speaker accessory for Apple's iPod and iPhone, released July 1, 2005.

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Why is my iPod not connecting through the docking cradle?

Whenever I plug my iPod through USB cable it will connect to my computer, but my iPod will not connect to the iHome. It will not even charge. Do i need to replace a part?

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What model iPod do you have and has it ever connected to the iH5?


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Steven Smalley, you did not tell us what model iPod your are using. You will have to make sure that your iPod is compatible with your iH5.

iPod Shuffle NOTE: iH5 will not charge iPod Shuffle

iPod Mini

iPod 3Gen 10-15 GB

iPod 3Gen 20 GB

iPod 4Gen 20 GB

iPod Photo 30 GB

iPod 3Gen 30 GB

iPod 3Gen 40 GB

iPod 4Gen 40 GB

iPod Photo 40 GB

iPod Photo 60 GB

iPod nano 1 GB

iPod nano 2 GB

iPod nano 4 GB

iPod 5th gen Video

anything else will not work due to a reconfiguration of the dock connector. If you are connecting one of those iPods and still have issues with that, replace the dock connector on your iH5. You'll find some good instructions for that on here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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You may have to replace the docking cradle, but another solution could be bad wiring, or the iHome itself may not be recognizing the iPod, as is a common issue with this model. The iH5 doesn't charge certain devices such as the iPod Touch, but may still play with it.

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William, how do you do that "replace the docking cradle"? How do you check the wiring? Why is this "a common issue with this model."? Why would it not recognize certain models? You are guessing and not providing solid answers.


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