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An Acer Aspire 5100 Laptop with a 15.4" inch display.

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Soundcard is working but hear no sound?

I bought this laptop acer aspire 5100 w/o hdd,after installing vista? drivers seems to work ok. But when I played mp3 music no sound came out, but the media player is running smoothly even the volume control is working still no sounds is heard. so I use usb sundcard and the music played perfectly. What seems to be wrong to my soundcard?

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hope to find logical answer folks,,,,


In device manager, what does it tell you about which sound card you have installed? Have you tried a different player i.e. VLC Media player?


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Verify in your device manager that the driver for your sound card is working properly and updated. Uninstall and reinstall the driver but beforehand download the correct driver for your system. Make sure all updates for the computer are recent as well.

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yes there nothing wrong in device manager it say's it's working properly,driver is updated.My updates are auto?


It sounds as though you have a damaged soundcard, did the previous owner ever tell you anything happened to the computer such as liquid damage, victim to gravity or smashing anything of that nature? With everything working fine and sound coming out of your speakers utilizing a usb sound card I'd suspect the computers sound chip is bad


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my unit is a dell inspiron e1505 it has a high definition sound it works on earphones but no audio on the unit i test the laptop speaker and they are working fine.what seems to be the problem?

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