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15 inch "Desk Lamp" iMac G4 700MHz M6498 PowerMac 4,2

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M6498 Airport Card Part Number?

I'm looking for an Airport Card, but can't seem to find the part number for the Airport Card which is compatible.

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It's an original airport card for the G4 machines (802.11b/g) Standard Bluetooth: 1.1

Which were options at the time of manufacture so you may need a carrier for the card.

You may wish to consider using a USB wireless card… though finding one that runs on the old OS may be difficult at this time. You might have to find a parts machine that has a damaged display or power supply and caniyballize for your card.

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Hi, thanks. I am scouring eBay where I have found numerous Airport Cards mentioning G4, but when I ask whether they are compatible with the M6498 the seller basically says "Find out for yourself..." I figured if I knew the part number I could search using this or at least ask them to check if it matches the part they are selling?


What you want is an M7600 Apple Original AirPort Wireless Card Network adapter 802.11B Apple Model #: 661-2219 , 825-4593 , 630-2883 , 661-2549 , 825-4889 , 825-5620 , M7600LL/C , M7600LL/E , M7600


These imacs do not use bluetooth. They do not need any sort of carrier as they just use wifi. Keep in mind that thse original airport cards only work with WEP encrypted networks.


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