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How to fix the seventh generation of Honda's compact car.

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How replace knock sensor

Where is the knock sensor on the 2005 civic and how do I replace it?

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gary, you'll need to remove the intake manifold to replace the knock sensor. Or you could to reach it from the underside of the engine. Remove the oil filter for more room. The sensor is just slightly above it, and to the left by the coolant tube. The plug is attached to a bracket by the timing cover.

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Both are very difficult, I managed to get to it from underneath but had to screw and unscrew with two fingers, which was a pain, but would recommend going from under the car


How did u manage to break the bolt loose


My ratchet wouldn't even fit up there


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If you use an offset box end wrench 12mm you can break it free pretty easily then it's on to the two finger twist it will take a while to get it out its kinda a long winded bolt the hard part is getting it bolted back up its a pain in the neck but can be done and going from underneath the car you don't have to worry about intake gasget and all that bs

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