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The fourth Google Nexus smartphone, released November 13, 2012.

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Did I damage the battery?


I used the tear-down guide to change the the lcd/glass/touch/frame assembly. I had the right tools and was very careful. But the battery gave me problems, the glue held up a good fight. I didn't know that there was a small control board in the upper part where the connector sits. So i lifted the battery all the way around, and it got a little bent while doing this. When i put everything back together, it wouldn't start. I plugged it in the charger and the LED blinks red. The battery was fully charged before i took it apart.

I suspect that i broke the battery, trying to get it out. Would you agree?

I tried to take the connector of the battery and reconnecting, no change. When i plug the charger in, while the battery is disconnected, the screen shows the battery logo. I can even turn it on for a few seconds, it vibrates and shows the google logo. then turns back off. I guess because of the missing battery?

Do you think it's safe to order a new battery, and that it will work again?

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I've just replaced the battery with a new one, that fixed it - so in conclusion: Be very carefull not to bend the battery too much when you are prying it off.


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Hey Carsten. It sounds like it might be broken :/

Here is a link to the battery we always use and have had great success. Let me know if you have any further questions and I will gladly assist if possible.


RockIT Repairs


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I would love to shop more in the USA, but due to danish toll customs i would have to pay a 25$ handling cost. But thanks for the suggestion :)


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