Early 2011 model, A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 or 2.7 GHz i7 processor.

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Keyboard Backlight ribbon cable fix?


I bought a used Macbook, knowing that the keyboard backlight doesn't work, which aint a Problem for me.

The only Problem is that it also doesn't go to sleep mode when the cover is closed (magnet over sensor also doesn't trigger), and the battery status doesn't work.

I tried resetting the SMC several times, didn't work.

Know i discovered the following:

Block Image

My Keyboard Backlight Ribbon cable isn't plugged in, because there is no Port to plug it in, seems it had been removed somehow.

Here is how it should look:

Block Image

Could it be that this missing connection affects all the other Problems i have?

And if so, can this port be soldered back in place?

Any Experience?

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Replacement keyboard connector: https://beetstech.com/product/mbpu-keybo...


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Not all of the MacBook Pros had 2nd backlight keyboard cable. So it sounds like either someone replaced the top case with a version that had a two cable backlight keyboard or they swapped out the logic board with an different model.

The fact the backlight ribbon is not plugged in should not effect battery or the sleep sensor in either case. But it does sound like this system may have gotten wet which could be the root issue on why you'er encountering issues here.

So the question is how much did you spend? was it cheap enough given its condition so you can put some money into fixing things the rest of the way? Or should you get your money back and try again?

Try this: Go into your About This Mac and find the systems serial number. Now do the same from the bottom case do they match up? If not plug the last three or four digits into this sites lookup EveryMac and see what it tells you about the cases Vs the systems logic board BIOS claims you have.

Let us know what you discover.


OK, now we have something to work with.

To start with the logic board is expecting a single ribbon cable which could explain why your encountering problems here.

As the signals aren't being connected to the loose backlight ribbon cable and the assignment of the signals within the one ribbon cable maybe why you are having other problems. As the lines signals are expected aren't were they are expected here as well. Luckily, nothing has become damaged here (you may have a blown back light fuse but it doesn't matter right now).

This is a hard question as the cost of getting the correct case pieces and then doing the work to un-frankenstien your system so you have the correct case parts for your i5/i7 system (assuming you want the newer logic bd) may set you back a piece.

I would start looking for the case parts new and also try used (junker) just make sure its not one that got wet. See what it will cost you and then decide. As I don't think you'll fix it any other way here.

You also many have an issue getting this system replaced under the sellers warranty because you have conflicting serial numbers they could claim you switched things around (I know it's a dirty trick). I suspect they got stung here as well when they bought it, or maybe they know, as they did it. So be prepared here on getting a no answer on the return. I will also say the longer you wait the harder it will be to have the courts believe you if you need to go that route.

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Thanks for the hint i'll check it.


I have this problem too. I needed to renew/replace the heatsink paste on my mid 2009 Macbook Pro , and while removing the cables on the logic board, I inadvertently pulled in the wrong direction and the connector for the keyboard light ribbon detached from the logic board. Now the connection location looks like the photo above. Fortunately, as a result, the only problem this caused is that the keyboard light doesn't work. Everything else is fine. Is there a way to reconnect the ribbon, or repair the connector?


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Ok i checked the serial numbers and they don't match.

The Serial number from "About this mac" matches the one from the logic board, but i assume this is where it gets it from:)

And according to everymac it is a macboock pro 13" early 2011, as it should be.

But the serial from the bottom case is from a mac book pro core 2 duo from 2009.

@oldturkey: The number from my logic board isn't something like 820-xxx it is:


I spent about 600€ and i've got warranty for another half year. I'm not sure what to do. on the one hand i probably won't find another model as cheap soon, and i can live with the restrictions, but especially the sleep function would be nice.

The strange thing is, that all my problems are listed as problems related to SMC, but a reset doesn't help.

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So someone made a Frankenstein systems here. The case bottom is from a Core 2 Duo system and the case top is from still a different system (we can't tell here) and your logic board is a newer i5/i7 system.


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I have the same issue

Keyboard backlight ribbon cable connector is broken. The login board doesnt have that port where i can slide the connector in.

My macbook wont turn on cos of this, battery status not showing. Its all because of keyboard backlight ribbon cable.

You cant fix the logicboard even if u replace the new keyboard backlight ribbon cable.

Just have to replace the whole logic board to fix the issue

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