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The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet series released September 25, 2013. Identifiable by the model number N9005.

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Is it the whole display or just the front glass?

The display on my Note III N9005 got cracked after drop. Also, approximately 3/4 of the display became 100% black. I was able to see clearly on the top remaining quarter of the screen. the touch is working perfect all over the screen. i can still make and receive calls even though the screen is all black now with several white lines horizontally. I was just wondering if i have to change the whole display or just the front glass will do it? I really appreciate your help

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Rabih Saleh, "got cracked after drop. Also, approximately 3/4 of the display became 100% black." you will need both. Get the complete assembly. This will fix your touch as well as the LCD.

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No, yeah. Your "touchscreen" consists of two parts: 1.) Digitizer (a.k.a. literally the glass) and 2.) The LCD screen (the actual touchscreen that shows you your home screen, pictures, videos, and accepts your touch). These two components make your Note 3 screen, as one single entity (or part). The manufacturer (Samsung, in this case) are the ones to decide this, and actually, most if not all manufacturers are making ALL their screens as 1 part total as far as I'm concerned, from this point on. The reason be, because obviously they want to make it harder for repairmen or "rigmen" to separate the Digitizer (the glass) and the LCD (the "touchy screen" part), unless you have a specific equipment to separate them. Even with the special equipments, trust me, its still pretty hard.

That being said, sure, you may have to only replace the Digitizer (the glass), but you would have to go through the same separation process like I mentioned above. And that's if the Note 3 assembly is just like the previous Note's, and haven't included a "curveball" to throw you off. I haven't disassembled one yet, just waiting for someone to provide a guide first.

Have a local phone repairman take a look at it, ask him/her if just changing the Digitizer (be specific, say "the glass") would fix it, based on their expertise. If they say thats a possible option, you just pay the Digitizer (the glass), which is really cheap like $10-$30 bucks, and you just pay their labor.

Unless you wanna do it yourself, go right ahead bro, just saying.

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