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Fifth generation of iPhone. Repair of this device is straightforward, and requires screwdrivers, prying tools, and patience. GSM/CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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iPhone 4S will not charge

I recently did a repair on an iPhone 4S and now it will not charge. I have already tried replacing both the battery and the dock connector but it still does not charge.

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what did you repair?


I repaired the power cable.


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please follow this test and fix it. God bless you

Bad cable connection

Check the USB cable for damage and dirt, especially at the ends. Then try using the wall charger, as this will provide greater power input than the computer/USB.

Broken charger or USB cord

Try using different chargers to see if you may have a problem with your charger or cord.

Obstructed/bad dock connector

Inspect the 30-pin dock connector at the bottom of the iPhone for dirt, lint, and damaged pins. Clean out the dock connector very carefully with a tooth pick or soft toothbrush. If the dock connector is broken, you will have to replace it.

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I have confirmed that the charger and cable work properly. I have already tried replacing the dock connector and battery, but the problem persists. Should I try cleaning the connections on the logic board with isopropyl alcohol?


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