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I get "Charging is not supported by this device" w/nothing attached

Contaminated my iPhone 3GS with a mixture of oil, sugar, soy sauce. (Korean BBQ Marinade)

Not much but just enough to cause the message "Charging is not supported by this device" when ever I wake the phone from sleep.

Everything seems to work and it will charge. The message goes away when the docking cable is attached.

What do I do as the Apple "Genius" told me I'm sol unless I want to pay full freight on a new phone.

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Thank you markus, after a bit of scrubbing with a brush and alcohol I am alert free. No disassemble required.


Can you accept his answers? Then he'll get credit :)


hi david,

great that it worked for you

²chris - yeah - would be a good idea - but the important part was that it worked


LOL, it's not just for credit, we do a lot of backend things based on "accepted" answers. When good questions like this get good answers I try to push to make sure the right answer gets accepted.


Ok, I liked the answer because it fit with my theory of what could be causing the problem. Technically it didn't "fix it" per say, but improved the situation to where I only get transitory messages telling me I have an unsupported device attached where before it was when ever I woke the phone from sleep. A tear-down and through cleaning would probably cure it, but I don't trust myself not to break a known good component in the process.


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here is the guide to get the logicboard out

my magic glass orb told me that there is a shorted connection around the dock connector.

serious - the fluid has shorted something in the charging part of the phone, it ould be that is outside on the contacts of the dock connector - look closely, use rubbing alcohol and a soft brush to clean that area carefully - if there is nothing on the outside, it's inside the phone - but i'm pretty shure about the dock connector

if you see something slightly white/greenish (almost likt mold) - thats it - if you are lukcy - you don't have to replace anything - but be careful whith the disassembling

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