Wont turn on at all. Where is BIOS reset hole?

ASUS x55vd

Wont turn on at all. Where is BIOS reset hole? Charger is fine. Lights don't come on at all even with charger plugged in. have tried taking battery out and putting back in but doesn't work. HELP

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What model ASUS is it? What happened just prior to it not powering on?


it is the ASUS x55vd. it was working fine. I stopped to answer phone and it just switched off. I have read everything about taking battery out, holding on button for 30 secs, all that, nothing works.


any help would be greatly appreciated


Hi from Spain, I have the same issue. It's turn off and it is imposible to turn on :-(


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there are no bios reset holes on laptops. you can do a bios reset, by "load bios defaults" on the bios, obviously.... it might be also a motherbord failure, its what sounds most likely... in that case considerer buying a new laptop.

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