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Repair guides and support for the 1st generation Intrepid. Closely related to other LH-platform cars including the Chrysler Concorde and Eagle Vision.

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Blown ingnition fuse under hood

1994 Intrepid shut off on me while driving. Turned out to be a blown ignition fuse located under the hood. I changed the fuse and tried to start, but fuse popped. Why would this happen?


A 1994 dodge intrepid ignition fuse under the hood keeps blowing when I try to start it

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Check the wiring harness coming from your firewall to the engine compartment, make sure it has not shaved through the insulation and shorts to ground. Pull the fuse for the ignition and replace the larger ignition fuse. If it does not blow again, you know that you have a short in the ignition key circuitry.


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You have to check the voltage regulator and the wires that goes to the ignition if there is some kind of short.

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