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Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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iPhone 4 reverb/echo with backcover on


have an iphone 4 where I recently changed the mainboard.

After reassambling everthing, my call partner told me, that they always hear their voice when we are on phone calls....Kind of an echo of themselves

After removing the mainboard and assembling it again, I realized, that the problem only occures, when the backcover is on the phone??

Did anybody ever witness this problem? or can anybody tell me if it's causes by the frame or if it is a mainboard issue???

does anybody have a solution for it....

thank you in advance

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That problem can happen when the bottom microphone gasket isn't inserted into it's hole on the bottom of the phone.

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