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Repair guides and support for the 5th generation Honda Civic, first released in late 1991.

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Car hesitates at low revs and lacks power

After a stop or in slow moving traffic the car will stumble or hesitate when I try to accelerate. At high revs the car runs smoothly with no problem.


It is a 1995 Civic Si with 1.6 L VTEC SOHC 16 valve 4 cylinder engine.

I have not tried any fix yet. I am hoping to get advice as to possible causes and where to start. I am a student with limited funds and the car has about 220 000 km and I am at the point of trying to decide how much money I want to put into the car.

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What year, what model and what engine do you have? What have you tried so far to fix it?


Check your vacuum lines and give it a tune up as Twinnii suggest. This may be something easy and inexpensive, so start with the straight forward issues. Not sure where you are located, but you should try to get it placed on an OBD scanner to see if it throws any codes.


@Twinnii and Oldturkey03. Thanks guys. These are just the kind of suggestions I was looking for. I will work through them . I did check the plugs and they look fine. I will check the hoses, clean the throttle and then look at a fuel filter and tune-up. Thanks again


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It's possible the throttle body needs cleaning or check the hose around it. You can get a cleaner from most auto body shops. The one I go to is AutoZone down the street from me. It's also possible your spark plugs may need a changing. It's a pretty simple DIY job. When was the last tune up. Try changing the fuel filter as well. Change air filter too. Good luck.

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