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Power consumption is more for BOSCH refrigerator "KDN46AI50I"

I purchased BOSCH Referegeraor "KDN46AI50I" this April 2013.

The power consumption per day it is taking 4 units where as per specification 458 units per year. I raised complaint to technician,they are unable to solve. Could you let me know why power is consuming more.



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Chandramohan, explain your "4units a day" a bit. I am not quite sure which units those are. Your model fridge uses ~4kW a day


Yes ,4kw a day


So when you say 458 units per year, what units are those and where did you get that information from? The specs for this model do not show that.


458 kw per year mentioned on Fridge door(Sticker) with 4 star rating.


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Chandramohan , your fridge is designed to use approximately ~4kW a day. If it uses more, it is possible that it does that because it needs to "work" harder. Always make sure that you have your fridge/freezer full. Air is a poor conductor and will force your refrigerator to work harder. Also, make sure that you keep the coils free of dust and obstruction.

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The hotter (and direct sun) where its located and holding the doors open (or not fully closing) to long will also effect your costs as well.


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