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2.4GHz, 2.7GHz, or 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache. Released February 2013.

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Display wiring same as 2012?

Can you install a 2012 retina complete LCD display onto the new 2013? 2013 parts not available. Wondering if anyone's confirmed if the 2013 wiring scheme is the same on 2012s.

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There are 2 revisions of the mid 2012 retina display unit, you can confirm this by apples unique part numbers (661-6529 is the original unit) This unit has been replaced by a second revision that is stated as being compatible with the Mid 2012 and the Early 2013 model (part number 661-7171).

You dont have to worry about getting the earlier revision though, because it has been discontinued and replaced by the second version... just check when you are purchasing it from whatever company you decide on...

Please note: apples part numbers are never written on the items themselves. they are purely for reference purposes, found both on the outer packaging (when ordering direct from an apple service centre) or on their apple database, known as GSX (global service exchange)

i hope this helps

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That's not TOTALLY true, Jon (all due respect). It's true, the display doesn't have a P/N on it per se. So he is right in this case. Almost, but not completely :) Apple does print P/N's on certain components (like cables, SSD's, Airport/Bluetooth shim cards, Top case assemblies (it's underneath the battery), track pads, keyboards (usually somewhere on the cable), and quite a number of other things. I have a loooonnnng list of which items actually have a P/N on them. For the displays, the only thing you have to refer to is the QR scan (small black sticker with the square unusual barcodesque spot usually found on the underside of the cable to connect to the logic board. That contains the part number and the serial of the display. But good luck trying to read it :) LOL


Serialising is different to actual part numbers though. Apples part numbers refer to the service spare ID as opposed to an actual serviceable component, so the only solid reference number for each part is apples part number on the service spare (which can only be found on their internal GSX database, so is of no use to outside users). There are part numbers on individually manufactured parts, but those are referred to as manufacturing part numbers, as they do not relate to the end unit alone. (i.e. some parts are used across a number of ranges, such as unibody DC-in boards. The part number found on the PCB board can be the same between screen sizes, but the chip set and cable length can differ, so the part number doesn't help differentiate it)

I didn't want to go into too much detail because it just causes confusion.

each part will be serialised, but the EEE code, which is part of the serial number of each individual part, can again, only be referenced on their GSX database... so the end user won't be able to make head or tales of it as a reference guide.

But you are right jcarter, there are more ways to identify parts than what i suggested, just not as easily by an end user without access to GSX.


Oh, and if it helps debmocracy, since last year, after Apple released their Late 2013 model, they changed all their part numbers for their displays. (although i'm sure after this amount of time its too late to get your machine repaired, unless you still have it)

Originally the Mid 2012 model used the display referenced with part number 661-6529 (thats Apples GSX part number reference). This had 6 EEE identifiers unique to that model. They then released a substitute part, referenced as 661-7171, which had a list of completely different EEE codes that iso compatible with both the Mid 2012 and the Early 2013 model...

To make a long story short, it looks like they are released an updated part for the Early 2013 model that is backwardly compatible with the Mid 2012 range. But as the first display is not unable to be purchased, i'd be a bit hesitant to use a Mid 2012 display with an Early 2013 machine without checking the connection types. But the ranges seem to be very similar, with minor upgrades between them.


oh geez... I'll have to come back later. been a long day and I need to eat. plus, discussing "service source access" -related info after 4-5 hours of staring at the actual service source (GSX) ... I'm not dying to go into all that. LOL. I'll be back.


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The display should work.

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@Jack Ryan, what do you base your answer on?


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Short answer: Yes. Early 2013's logic boards are compatible with 2012 displays. 100%.

***The issue there is that the 2013 version further addressed (beyond the 2012 displays version 2.0) the intent to eliminate (not just reduce) the continued frequency of "image ghosting" that customers were experiencing. There was also a shift in percentages represented of LCDs that were LG vs. Samsung (different issue entirely, related I'm guessing to availability and/or strained relationship with Samsung), but that nothing to do with compatibility. If I recall (from a conversation with an apple corp employee friend), they applied an altered version of the coating to the glass face of the LCD (making small changes to improve) that wouldn't affect function. But that's it.

(Jon... I'll address your comments and the implications that go outside the bounds of this question, just a bit... tomorrow when I have a chance). I almost feel like you introduced the idea and need for a glossary of terms manual when discussing all of these repairs (not sure people would read it, since as it is, most people tend to ask questions that have already been answered because it's easier to just post than reading through everything... but it might be useful. Hmmmm

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