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Introduced by Toshiba in 1997. It measures only 210 x 115 x 34 mm. It supports Windows 95 and comes with a 75 MHz Pentium processor, 6.1" TFT screen, 810 megabytes hard disk capacity.

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Screen has colored lines when windows loads

When I turn on my Libretto 50CT it goes through the set up normally but as soon as the 'Windows 95 is loading' the while screen has red and blue colored lines through the whole screen. What can I do to fix this?

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Do those lines show up in every mode, like safemode etc? also, have you tried to change the settings for your resolution? It is possible that this is a faulty LCD (Tab errors on the panel itself). If it is your LCD, then it may get a bit expensive. The part number is P000236950 and the cheapest one I found (granted, a quick search ) is around $100. you may consider keeping your eyes open at or other places.


@oldturkey03 yes it happens in safe mode. I will try changing the resolution to see what happens. Thanks!


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Zach Pinoni, since it happens in every mode, it does sound like a bad LCD panel. It is a neat little vintage machine, and I would definitely try to get a LCD for it. Besides this great guide I also added the service manual and the parts list for this computer on here. Just scroll down to "documents" and click on the links. It should help you to replace the panel. Do let us know how it turns out. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks for the guide, however I do feel that $100 is a little over priced to pay for such an old device that has not much use anymore. Thanks again!


Don't give up on it yet. keep it at least for a while and lets see what we can dig up. What do you think would be acceptable $$wise for a LCD?


Im not sure about the price on this machine, but if it was Apple id know haha but Id say Id be willing to spend $50 maybe 60/65 on it at the most.


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