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The first generation Neon was introduced in January 1994 and manufactured until August 1999. It was available as a four-door notchback sedan and a two-door notchback coupe.

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95 Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Neon, how to change the cv joint and what can buy

i need to know what can of cv joint buy because when i ask for cv joint in the store the guy ask me if my car have ABS and dont know if this car have it and i need to know something . tanks

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justin, here is what the manual suggest:" CAUTION: Boot sealing is vital to retain special lubricants and to prevent foreign contaminants from entering the C/V joint. Mishandling, such as allowing the assemblies to dangle unsupported, or pulling or pushing the ends can cut boots or damage C/V joints. During removal and installation procedures, always support both ends of the halfshaft to prevent damage.

CAUTION: The halfshaft, when installed, acts as a bolt and secures the front hub/bearing assembly. If vehicle is to be supported or moved on its wheels with a halfshaft removed, install a PROPER–SIZED BOLT AND NUT through front hub. Tighten bolt and nut to 244 N·m (180 ft. lbs.). This will ensure that the hub bearing cannot loosen.

(1) Disconnect battery negative cable.

(2) Place transaxle in gated park.

(3) Raise vehicle on hoist.

(4) Remove wheel and tire assembly.

(5) Remove the halfshaft to hub cotter pin, nut

lock, wave washer and hub nut.

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(6) If equipped with ABS, disconnect the front wheel speed sensor and secure harness out of the way.

(7) Remove nut and bolt retaining ball joint stud into steering knuckle.

CAUTION: Use caution when separating ball joint stud from steering knuckle, so ball joint seal does not get damaged.

Block Image

(8) Separate ball joint stud from steering knuckle by prying down on lower control arm.

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CAUTION: Care must be taken not to separate the inner C/V joint during this operation. Do not allow halfshaft to hang by inner C/V joint, halfshaft must

be supported.

(9) Remove halfshaft from steering knuckle by pulling outward on knuckle while pressing in on half-shaft. Support outer end of halfshaft assembly. If difficulty in separating halfshaft from steering knuckle is encountered, use Puller 1026 as shown in to separate shaft. Do not strike shaft with hammer.

(10) Support outer end of the halfshaft assembly.

CAUTION: Do not pull on interconnecting shaft when removing halfshaft assembly. Inner joint may become separated.

(11) Remove the inner tripod joints from the side gears of the transaxle using a punch to dislodge the inner tripod joint retaining ring from the transaxle side gear. If removing the right side inner tripod joint, position punch against the inner tripod joint

Strike the punch sharply with a hammer to dislodge the right inner joint from the side gear. If removing the left side inner tripod joint, position the punch in the groove of the inner tripod joint.

Strike the punch sharply with a hammer to dislodge the left inner tripod joint from the side gear.

NOTE: Removal of the inner tripod joints is made easier if you apply outward pressure on the joint as you strike the punch with a hammer.

(12) Hold inner tripod joint and interconnecting shaft of halfshaft assembly. Remove inner tripod joint from transaxle by pulling it straight out of transaxle side gear and transaxle oil seal.

When removing tripod joint, do not let spline or snap ring drag across sealing lip of the transaxle to tripod joint oil seal. When tripod joint is removed from transaxle, some fluid will leak out"

hope this helps, good luck.

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I have a 95''plyoumount neon and need to know how to replace the lower control arm?

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