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The Samsung Epic 4G is the first US released version of Samsung's Galaxy S II. Also known as the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch.

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Battery would not charge, replaced it, new one wont charge?

Battery would not charge,replaced it,new one wont charge

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Are you using an AC charger? Checked the cables? Checked the connector?


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I'm betting its a problem with the charging connector on the phone. I've seen a lot of Samsung phones with the charge port go bad or come loose and not make contact. Unfortunately most of them are machine soldered to the motherboard making it extremely difficult to replace.

Hope this helps

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I have this same problem. It is not the connector, as it shows it's charging (charge light turns on), and when it was plugged in all night, it "charged" to 0%, but the phone stayed on, showing me that it receives power through the cable. It's not the battery, as I checked the battery's health and even bought a new one, and saw the same problems.

It also occasionally charges, but usually not above 70%, and it doesn't consistently charge to the same level. It also doesn't actually charge each time it's plugged in, and there seems to be no pattern over 5 days of when it decides to charge other than that if it is charging, and is disconnected, when plugged back in it will not charge again.

It's a weird issue. Anybody seen this before? I'm guessing its a software/firmware problem, because it's actually getting power.

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I chatted with some of the EEs in my office, and we decided that probably the charging circuit in the phone is shot. This means that I will need to charge it externally, so I'll be able to charge it. As far as I know, there is no way to fix this.

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