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Released June 2009 / 2.66, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Replace A1286 Mid 2009 Logic board with a mid 2010 one?

I've looked deep into this over the course of the past 2 months, and I've came to the conclusion that all of the connectors and components between the Mid 2009 C2D logic board and the Mid 2010 Core i7-620m logic boards are identical, except for the heat sink, bluetooth and wifi board, and isight/antenna cables. All of the screw holes line up (they are both a1286 model number) and both use a nvidia chipset, so it seems the screen would work correctly without any modifications or additional parts.

I'm just wondering, what would the killer be when buying a mid 2010 logic board (with a core i7), a new isight/antenna cable, and a new bluetooth/wifi board and upgrading my computer this way rather than buying a newer macbook pro.

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Hey did the upgrade work for you? Im thinking along the same lines when it comes to my macbook...


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The top case is a bit different as well. The are screw holes for the subwoofer on the 2010 which the earlier model lacks, and the bluetooth antennae on the 2010 has a piece of metal that looks like it attaches to the frame (glued?). The older model has a thin black plastic material covering that area (which appears to be cut away on the newer one, but I couldn't find any info on removing it and didn't want to mess it up so I left it in place.

HTH someone.

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If the model number is the same, it should work. However, I would recommend getting a brand new one as it will be much better.

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Apple uses the same model numbers for very different systems. They cannot be used to determine compatibility except very generally.


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