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Repair information and guides for the fifth generation of iPhone. Model: A1387

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Small component broken from the logic board

Some of the small components of the logic board of an iPhone 4S are gone. It gives problems during charging. They are pointed with an arrow on the picture. What are those? Can I solve this problem by bridge the contact points? Thanks in advance.

Block Image

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Gauthier Top, I marked the components in numerical order. They are a follows.

1. C293 100PF 5% 16 V NP0-C0G Capacitor

2. R153 0.00 0% 1/32W Resistor

part of BATTERY_NTC circuit

3. R61 0.00 0% 1/32W Resistor

4. C300 100PF 5% 16 V NP0-C0G Capacitor

part of BATTERY_SWI circuit

You should get away by bridging the resistors, but I would not bridge the caps. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

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It worked. Thank you very much!


you are welcome. Thanks for accepting my answer.


where can i get those Capacitor and Resistor


@Rahul BJ, depends on where you are located. and many other places should have those.


Yes they are. The 0 value resistors are actually just jumpers.


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