Repair manuals for HP's "Mini" series of small form factor netbook computers.

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nothing coming up on screen how do I ck it

Turning off and on, no matter what, its blank not even a flash. hp notebook dvm4

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Did anything happen to the computer or did this just start? Have you removed the battery, the RAM and the AC adapter and held down the power button for about 30sec, then reinstall the AC adapter and see what you get.


The lghts cme on w a steady flash w about a 3 sec pause tinking magnets no responding when opened. T looks like a wrecken yrd now. Mom was using and just instant


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jasonjurcik, start by checking for power. Take a Multimeter and measure your AC adapter on the DC side. You should get 18.5V on that end. If it works, check the DC jack on your computer, make sure that it is not loose or has a broken pin. Get the service manual from here if you need help in disassembling it. Let us know what you find. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Please follow the steps below:

1- First check your power supply with voltmeter if the output is up to the mark.

2- Check your Rams by stripping down your PC and taking our Rams one by one.

3- Try by taking the battery apart.

4- If you able to see a Dos screen the try system restore or a clean install.

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