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Repair information for graphic tablets. Graphic tablets are also known as digitizers, drawing tablets, drawing pads, digital drawing tablets, pen tablets, or digital artboards.

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I need to purchase the 30 pin LVDS socket for this tablet's connector.

Stupid me bent a few pins in the lvds socket of a wacom 21 UX. I was since scouring the web to replace the socket that was broken, but came up empty handed.

Maybe someone could point me in the right direction. I've added photos of both the connector and the socket.

The socket seems to have a pitch of about .5mm also the connector seems to be a really small Dupont connector. (I can't find what this is called)

The lcd model is: nl160120bc27 by NEC.

Block Image

The Connector.

Block Image

Connector Again

Block Image


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any chance you could post an image of the connector and its location on the circuit board? Any numbers on your LCD panel that will help us to identify as much as possible?


The recepticle seems to be something like this.

right angle surface mount pin connector.

I think it's a .5mm pitch instead of 1 though.


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Yor1001, according to the datasheet for your panels it is a DF19G-30P-1H (59 or 99) (Hirose Electric Co., Ltd. (HRS)) available at places like this or even on here. Download the datasheet for the connectors from here. Hope this helps, good luck

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Thank You!!! That's definitely it!!! I forgot to check the datasheets... DUH. (I have it downloaded too)


Thank you for accepting my answer. Best of luck to you.


EDIT!! May I ask where did you find this connector in the datasheet, I've did a search and couldn't find any results?


It is in the datasheet for your LCD. It shows the importance of posting as much information as possible.


Yeah, I found it in the datasheet, it does show the importance or posting info. (I did post the pictures but did't realized I had to insert them into the posting), thanks again, just ordered the parts, now I hope I don't damage the pads more than how they are already damaged.


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