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The IBM ThinkPad T40 is a notebook computer with a high priority on durability and mobility. The T40 model was released in March 2005 as part of Lenovo's T Series mobile workstations and is marketed towards mainstream professionals.

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My laptop screen turn off?

hello my problem is that every time I turn on my laptop and start working after about 10 minutes the screen turns off and nothing but computer freezes and there is only one signal (z) and the hard drive LED

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Salvador Barajas, "screen turns off and nothing but computer freezes" sounds like an overheating issue. I would disassemble the computer and clean the fan, reseat the CPU and apply new thermal paste. Download the service manual from here. Make sure that the air inlets are cleaned and the you have good airflow. After that, re-evaluate and see what you get. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Seems like your laptop CPU is getting overheated due to your VGA heat emission.

Try reinstalling the drivers for your VGA and see if it works out.

Try to blower you laptop vents using a low power air blower for dirt cleaning

If you can deassamble your laptop try applying thermal paste on your laptop processor and heat sink and changing a fan.

Good Luck.

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This is called "flexing". There is a broken solder Joint (or more). Also your USB Ports Are Not working, right?

There are several discussion threads about that. Just google Thinkpad and "flexing".


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