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The Chevrolet Cavalier is a compact automobile produced from 1982 to 2005 by General Motors.

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over heatting 95 chevy cavalier

my car is over heatting and i have a 95 chevy cavalier its not hot in the red but its close to it why

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Sylvia, make sure that you have enough antifreeze. It is possible that you have a bad thermostat, make sure that your fans are coming on, and there is always the possibility of a bad water pump. Start with the fans and move to the thermostat and see if that makes a difference.

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From personal experience, the cooling fan on your radiator is your most likely culprit. Assuming that the coolant level is good, and you have no obvious leaks. The plugs on the fan motor themselves are junk for the most part, and will cause the fans not to come on when the car begins to overheat.

If you notice it's not running when the temp gauge is rising try pulling up on the wiring harness and see if it then kicks on. Watch your hands though to avoid getting burned on the exhaust manifold, or cut by the fan blade. You can buy the motors alone at autozone, and spare the time and expense of replacing the entire assembly.


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Overheating is caused by three things.

1. Lack/quality of coolant indicating leak.

2. Failed cooling fans which would likely set an emissions DTC and put an engine light on. Or

3. An internal engine head gasket leak causing combustion heat to go into the cooling system.

If your cooling system has been recently worked on, then it just may need to be bled. If an air bubble works its way around the cooling system then it causes overheating. Restricted cooling systems is less common and leaks are more common.

I would take your vehicle to a mechanic to verify source of problem. Since youre running so hot youre using more fuel and possibly damaging engine seals. Hope this helps!

- B.

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How do I test my fan?


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