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This complete home theater system includes a slim design silver DVD receiver with a progressive scan five-disc DVD changer with multi angle and zoom functions, a 720-watt amplifier and Dolby Digital/DTS/Dolby Pro Logic II built-in. It also includes five matching silver full range satellite speakers and a 120 watt subwoofer.

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Why does it randomly pop and fizzle?

Everythings works fine but every now and the it wil emit a crackling/static/popping sound until i turn it off. Then ill turn it on and itll be fine for however long and do it again.

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Skott, could be your power supply. check the caps on there and make sure they are not leaking. It is also possible that the sound comes from your transfomer, or a MOSFET's or even one of your amplifier IC's. Unless you open it, and take a look at it, it is hard to say.

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I have a similar issue - vibration, including from the sub-woofer, or from handling the S-cable, result in a loud 'pop' as if something is shorting out. I suspect the circuit board connection is at fault.

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