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The first generation Neon was introduced in January 1994 and manufactured until August 1999. It was available as a four-door notchback sedan and a two-door notchback coupe.

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Miles odometer keep showing fuse

It keep showing fuse

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Erol, here is a solution from the manual:"In the event that the instrument cluster looses communication with all other modules on the PCI bus, the cluster will display “nobus” in the VF display. The VF display also displays “Door”, “Cruise”, “Trac”, and odometer trip or total.

If the cluster does not detect voltage on the courtesy lamp circuit, the message “FUSE” will alternate with the odometer/trip odometer for 30 seconds after the ignition is turned on and for 15 seconds after the vehicle is first moved. The lack of voltage can be due to the M1 Fused B(+) (IOD) fuse being open, a bad or missing courtesy lamp bulb, or a circuit problem." First thing to check is the dome light:-) then the IOD (ignition off draw) fuse which is #13 located under the hood in the power distribution center. Hope this helps, good luck.

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