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Released in North America in November 2006.

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Wii Click of death.

My Wii is a few years old and has decided to CoD (Click of Death) any time ANY disk (GC or Wii) is inserted. it still spins. but won't read. this did not happen suddenly. at first it would not read certain disks sometimes, then it wouldn't read most disks sometimes, then it wouldn't read any disk, and now, it wont read the disk and brings up the Wii's BlSoD (Black Screen of Death). Is the disk drive repairable or is it time to swap disk drives or is the Wii cooked with a side of mashed potatoes?

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laz is not dirty, i think it's time to set the dinner table...


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Superchu, sounds like the laser is either dirty, may want to try to clean it, or "cooked with a side of mashed potatoes" . Most likely it is time to replace the drive.

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You can pick up a replacement drive on Ebay for about $20-25 dollars. Fairly easy to do yourself as long as you have a tri-wing screwdriver also found on ebay cheaply.

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Superchu did you figure out what it was by any chance? My Wii is clicking too and everytime I put a disk in it try's to read and then a page pops up saying eject the disk and restart the Wii and check the manual troubleshoot guide. So if it was just the lazer that is awesome but if it is the disk drive it would be nice to know so I can just get it out of the way. My 6 yr old wants on there badly and I feel bad not having it fixed yet. Thank you for any help you can give!!!!!

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Mine is doing this same thing....... what was the conclusion?


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