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Repair guides and support for the 4th generation Chevy Caprice, a front-engine, rear-wheel drive full-size sedan. Closely related to other GM B-body cars such as the Impala SS and Buick Roadmaster.

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Location of orifice tube

I am replacing the compressor, dryer, & orifice tube. My Chilton book does not show the location of the tube. This is a 1995 Chevrolet Caprice V8 5.7L.

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you are talking about the AC?


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dennis foley, I assume :) that we are talking about the AC. The orrifice tube goes inside the evaporator at the end of the high pressure line. This is what allows the compressed liquid freon to expand into a gas, absorbing heat. Check on the line coming from the condenser going to the passenger side of the car towards the HVAC unit of your Caprice. The second line from the condenser will be going to the AC compressor. On the one going to the HVAC unit you should find a fitting with two large nuts, open it and on the condenser side is the orifice tube.

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Is the hoses at the bottom of the car on a Chevy caprice classic

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